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Everyday Loving Beauty Habits That Don’t Cost a Cent

Everyday Loving Beauty Habits That Don’t Cost a Cent

Looking to get a little more out of your skincare routine? Whether you are on a budget or are looking to transform your Loving Beauty Habits regimen into a nurturing self-care experience, we’ve created a guide that will take your existing steps to the next level.

As part of our Self Loving Beauty Habits journey, we wanted to focus on some simple and totally free beauty and wellness habits that you can incorporate into your everyday routine without spending a cent. These mood-boosting steps can make both day and night routines that little bit more special – not just for your skin, but for body and mind. Because after all, love is free and begins with the self. So, get your glow on every day with these simple hacks and let it radiate out into the world.


There is endless scientific literature on the benefits of daily meditation and its irrefutable ability to combat the detrimental effects of both acute and chronic stress. Countless meditation techniques have shown to reduce inflammatory mediators and levels of corticosteroid hormones released during our stress response. It is high levels of these that can result in damage throughout the body.

Take just 10-20 minutes to either set yourself up for the day, or to unwind at the day’s closing. There is no one way to meditate, and we recommend trying a variety of techniques to find one that suits your unique personality and brain activity.

It could be journaling or reading a book while your skin soaks up a hydrating mask, playing a guided meditation or singing bowls soundtrack while you apply your serums, or taking a few moments outside in nature after applying your sunscreen.

If you apply your beauty products at night just before bed, another tip we recommend for listening-based meditation or breathing activities is to pop one on once you’ve applied your serums, then get comfortable in bed. Lay facing upwards while you listen and enjoy, giving your products some time to absorb into the skin as opposed to being soaked up by your pillow.

If you genuinely cannot find the spare time for meditation, you could consider making mindful eating your chosen form? Switch off from your devices during your meals, chew slowly and be as present as possible, paying attention to smells, tastes and textures. This also improves digestion, and the better your digestive health, the better your skin health will be too.

So these Steps are Loving Beauty Habits that Doesn’t Cost you a CentLo

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